Embedded Systems

Welcome to the Embedded Systems Research Group at PAF-KIET. Our current research activities focus on

  • Reconfigurable Computing, FPGA Architecture and CAD tools
  • FPGA-based Systems Design and Embedded Real-time Systems
  • Computer architectures, Soft-Core processors
  • Cloud Computing using Heterogeneous computing resources


Few of our past funded projects are 

  • Hetro-Cloud: Developing your own low cost and scalable cloud with heterogeneous computing resources, Husain Parvez, Imran Naseem, Taj Muhammad, Fasahat Hussain, Jan 2021 to June 202213.9 million Pak Rupees, funded by NCBC-HEC, Pakistan. To provide virtualization support of FPGAs and GPUs in OpenStack based cloud, develop OpenCL based programming platform for Hetro-Cloud, Implement real-time Face recognition application on Hetro-Cloud. (Ongoing)

  • Design and exploration of Logic Intensive Reconfigurable Architectures and related CAD tools, Muhammad Rashid, Husain ParvezJan 2015 to Jan 2017Equivalent to 52 million Pak Rupees, in collaboration with University Umm-al-Qura, KSA. Explore alternate FPGA architecture and their CAD tools to optimize based on NPN classification technique.  (Completed)

  • Design and Development of an FPGA-based Multi-Scale Face Recognition System, Imran Naseem, Muhammad Mohiuddin, Husain ParvezSep 2013 to June 2018, 13.8 million Pak Rupees, funded by ICTRnD Fund Pakistan. To implement FPGA based face recognition algorithm.(Completed)

  • Design and Development of Application-Specific FPGA/Reconfigurable Hardware Generator, Husain Parvez,  Muhammad Mohiuddin, June 2012 to Sep 2014, 13.3 million Pak Rupees, funded by ICTRnD Fund Pakistan. Explore alternate FPGA architectures and their CAD tools (Completed)



College of Engineering,
PAF-Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology,
Main Campus, Korangi Creek, Karachi-75190, Pakistan

Contact:  husain.parvez@pafkiet.edu.pk